What We Do

We help our clients in various sectors, grow and lead their organizations. Using The Constancy Model™ and a highly collaborative approach to consulting, we assess where organizations are and where they want to go; and design capacity-building strategies and support systems that get them there and keep them there.

Financial Services

In Financial Services, we’re helping our clients address some of the toughest challenges in the industry. We’re building strong sales cultures that can deliver meaningful advice to their customers. Currently, we are working in the following businesses:

  • Retail banking: customer experience is critical to this business, and we’ve helped overcome key challenges our clients face.
  • Mortgage Sales Forces: in a changing marketplace, it is time to go back to basics with fundamental selling skills that build referral sources and manage activity more effectively.
  • Telephone Banking & Credit Card Call Centers: our clients use our innovative tools and techniques to create more personal and engaging experiences for their customers.
  • Small Business Banking: there are powerful new methods to strengthen the advice capability and to improve cross-selling and referrals to other business units within the bank.
  • Wealth Management: our clients are re-establishing themselves and their client relationships following a tumultuous period in the marketplace. We’re there to help.
  • Wholesale: in a very competitive market, wholesalers need to find new ways to win share of mind and deepen existing relationships.

Health Sciences

The Health Sciences industry is challenged by a series of market forces that are stressing current business models. With patents on high revenue drugs expiring and the pipeline for new drugs looking uncertain, along with the costs and risks of new drug development increasing and regulatory changes being a constant, revenues are under pressure and so too are sales leadership, sales management and sales professionals. Our proven methods are boosting sales productivity and delivering superior results by establishing consistent and repeatable sales processes which are further fueled by our proprietary technology.

High Technology

The High Technology industry operates in a competitive environment that has complex challenges due to globalization and shifting demographics. We help our clients with the onboarding process, with new, cost-effective strategies to accelerate “speed to competence” for new employees, and strengthen their ability to deliver a differentiated customer experience. We have created powerful ways to measure and strengthen the quality and impact of coaching so that it is a core competitive advantage for our clients.

Professional Services

Professional Services firms are growing and in recent years, the marketplace has seen a steady entry of mid-tier and smaller firms which has increased competition. The result is that it is getting harder to recruit and retain professionals. Additionally, clients have greater choice and are more demanding, and professional services leadership is required to focus on short term, day-to-day business needs versus long term firm strategy. A key challenge for our clients is to ensure they have trained their professionals not only to cross-sell, but also to actively attract new business. We’re working with our clients to develop effective sales management practices inclusive of talent management processes and measures for people performance and paths for people development.

The Constancy Model™

The Constancy Model has a tool box. Our solutions match needs. The tool box includes:

  • Organizational assessments to identify proven, successful methods
  • Training and blended-learning design and deployment to build capacity
  • Performance management systems including Coach Technology® to reinforce learned behaviors
  • Refinement activities including Burst Tools®